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Applying for college and scholarships can be confusing and frustrating when you don’t know where to start. You are lost in a sea of applications and websites. The Program is here to guide you step-by-step, so you know exactly what to do and when to do it without wasting time. It’s College Consulting done right – affordable, comprehensive, and accessible!

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The Best College Consulting System Available

College Consulting is an amazing tool if you can afford it.  Unfortunately, most students are at a disadvantage in this area. Conquering The College Process is a comprehensive educational system that takes students through a step-by-step framework. Our educational system is AFFORDABLE, COMPREHENSIVE, and ACCESSIBLE.


Conquering The College Process provides an incredible value at a price affordable for students from any walk of life.
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Simple, step-by-step lessons and a proven framework will help you conquer the college and scholarship process.
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The help of a college consultant is not accessible to everyone. Through our online program, students everywhere can access our proven system to prepare students for “Conquering The College Process


You want your kids to have the best education possible. You also want to avoid college debt. With more than 4,500 colleges in the US alone and countless funding options for each, you need an action plan.

The Program is your guide and the Conquering the College Process system is your roadmap to college success.

We will help you learn your child’s options, get organized, make smart decisions, meet requirements, and stay on track.

Conquering the College Process will help your student to:

  • Navigate the overwhelming and confusing college application process.
  • Resolve conflicting information found online and provide clear instructions and a step-by-step process and proven framework.
  • Gain access to the resources needed to compete for scholarships and understand the financial aid process.
  • And more….



Our Promise To You

Conquering The College Process’s step-by-step framework helps high school students prioritize and make decisions to best prepare them as college applicants, and demystifies the college application and scholarship process. The result, a decision that is best fit to help a student achieve their college goals.

The Process uses weekly lessons, short assignments, quizzes, an interactive group and live Q&As that help keep students focused and organized. The courses teach students how to find the information they need and how to become the best applicant for the schools they want to attend. The tools, skills and techniques will help students be successful in college and after graduation.

Parent to Parent

From Deanna

“Helping people succeed is my passion. It is what I have done for over 30 years. I love teaching and have given clinics, seminars and workshops all over the world.

Fifteen years ago I was in the same place with my oldest son that you are now.

I was shocked by the lack of clear, organized and accessible information available about the college process. Often the information was conflicting and confusing. I realized my son was unprepared for the process and it was shocking. I decided right then that things needed to change — for my son and your student too.

After a decade and thousands of hours of research, I created and refined a system that works. College Consulting has historically been delivered in a person-to-person, one-on-one model. That is amazing if you can afford it. The mission was to create a system that could be delivered electronically, nationwide, financially accessible and self-guided.

Conquering the College Process is the outcome of this mission. We look forward to partnering to help you achieve your dreams.”

– Deanna

Creator of The Program


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Deanna Akin understands how it feels to face the beginning of the college search process with no idea where or how to start. Conquering The College Process is a comprehensive educational system that takes students through a proven step-by-step framework. The course begins with “when and how” to start navigating the college application and scholarship search. By integrating easy to follow lessons, thought-provoking assignments, quizzes, an online community, and weekly Q & A sessions, students are led through this overwhelming process. Deanna instills confidence in students and empowers them to replicate their results anywhere. The course finishes with what to expect at college and how to be successful once they arrive!

What is The Program?

The Program is the framework to achieve college success for students and includes courses, resources from a leader with more than 15 years of expertise in college admissions and financial aid.

How much does The Program cost?

Please visit our PRICING page to see the cost of the course and products.

What do I need to get started?

A dedication to completing the process! A computer with access to the internet is the bare minimum required to get started.

Can you help me get into X college?

We cannot gurantee college admission to a specific school but our students often get accepted into their top choice schools.

What will I learn in the Conquering the College Process courses?

For full details about the courses click here to see everything you will learn.


Sign up for “Conquering The College Process” today and receive the best college consulting at a reasonable price. Get with the program! Succeed in college!


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