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The Program guides parents and students through the entire college planning process. Here you will learn more about our students, The Program and the founder & creator, Deanna Akin.

The Program

Our History And Our Future

A Parent Feels the Pain

Fifteen years ago, it was time for my oldest son to start the college application process. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information (most of it conflicting), the amount of work there was to do. There was a complete lack of resources to help us find our way through it. Obviously, things had certainly changed since I had applied to college years before.

I shared my concerns with the people around me and found that our story was not unique. I was directed to individuals and websites that charged thousands upon thousands of dollars to help prep and complete applications. Like most parents, it simply was beyond my means to spend that much money for college planning.

The other problem I found was that none of them dealt with the financial aspect of the college application process. Why? Because if you could afford their service, then the financial aspect probably wasn’t an issue! The answer I had been given time and time again was to “apply for scholarships.” Easier said than done. I now realize the people saying that didn’t have any better idea about the process than I did.

A Better Way

We got through our first son with fights, tears, and a lot of very late nights. I promised myself at that point that I would make it my mission to figure out this process and help anyone I could so they wouldn’t have to go through the same thing. When the time came for my second son to apply, I was well on my way to developing a system and timeline that worked. I was able to help him and many others navigate the process.

From that point forward there was no end to the number of students that needed help. College Planning and Consulting is historically a one-on-one format and that is how I had been doing it. When I had a large group of students come to me all at once asking for help, I realized something had to change. My first “class” of students was born. I reasoned that if I could teach one or two, it couldn’t be much more difficult to teach thirty.

I won’t say that there weren’t some bumps along the way. It was a huge amount of work but completely worth it. One class grew to two and so on. My youngest son introduced me to the wonderful world of digital classrooms when I just couldn’t stretch myself any further.

I had found the answer to reaching even more kids. Now we had virtual students from all over the country. This new way of learning was much more practical. Unfortunately, spotty internet and other tech issues sometimes gave us problems. I kept thinking there had to be a better way.

Over a decade later, thousands of hours, and years of boots on the ground with the students, our team has developed a self-paced course accessible completely online. The result is Conquering The College Process, a multi-step, comprehensive, online educational college planning system that will direct and motivate students to confidently move through the entire college process.


Our Future

We are very excited to offer this new platform, making it possible to reach so many more students. Every day that passes one more kid misses an opportunity to Conquer The College Process and that is not acceptable.

I want to see Conquering The College Process in the hands of every student in the country that desires to get into, and through college.

Our Giving Partners help to make this happen by connecting us with students through their organizations that might not otherwise have access to it. For every course that is purchased we donate one course to a student in need through our giving program.  Learn more about becoming a Giving Partner by clicking the button below.


Our Students

The Program Gives Students College Consulting Done Differently

Your success with The Program will be directly contingent on the amount of time you commit and the amount of effort you are willing to put into it. Like anything, the results will be proportional to your personal investment.


The Program

The huge difference between our solution and individual college consulting is The Program is affordable and comprehensive. It covers all aspects of the college process. The Program is designed to follow the college and scholarship application timeline in order to keep the student on track and ahead of deadlines. It follows the student through acceptance, financial aid award letters, & college commitment… all the way up to their arrival on campus.



The Program prepares you to think critically about college and life. Our courses will move you from choosing an initial direction regarding schools to making your final decision on the school that best fits your goals and aspirations.

Learn About The Program

Here we take you through the task of applying to schools and how to make your application stand out from thousands of others. You learn the parts of the application and why each is important. Confidence is built because you will know what is expected by the schools and what your acceptance letter is telling you. 

Learn More More About The Program

In this step we move on to scholarships where students learn step-by-step how to locate the scholarships that are best suited for them. Eliminating scholarships that are unlikely to produce results and saving you time and energy! You will also learn how and when to apply for federal and institutional financial aid.

Learn More About The Program

It is critical to educate students on what to expect once they get to college. They will know where their greatest resources will be once they reach school and how to utilize them to approach all of the new challenges they will face once they get there. We want you to be prepared and not blindsided. This course teaches you to be an independent thinker with the skills to research the information you need in college situations and then the confidence to apply it.

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Creator of the PRogram

Deanna Akin

My name is Deanna Akin and I closed a successful business of twenty-five years in order to fully commit myself to my mission of changing students’ lives. After several years of helping students part-time, I began to realize the need for an educational system specifically to guide students and their parents through the entire college planning process. For those who could not afford hundreds-of-dollars an hour for consultants, or tens-of-thousands for special companies, they were simply lost and at a huge disadvantage. I hate wasted potential and I was seeing it everywhere!

That concern has led me to where I am today.

My goal is to change the way every family applies to college across the nation. And, I won’t stop until I have!


"I highly recommend her class"

" I’m Makenzi Sanders, I took Deanna’s class my second-semester junior year and first-semester senior year of high school in ‘16-‘17. Deanna was extremely helpful in preparing me for the college scholarship and college application process. There are many grants and scholarships beyond FAFSA that we aren't unaware of, and Deanna’s class is a great guide in finding them. She pushes you to do your best and reach beyond what you think you qualify for and what is available for you. Deanna is really good at explaining this process in a way that isn’t stressful or confusing, she is truly someone that knows what she is doing. I highly recommend her class for anyone who is considering education beyond high school. "

- Makenzi Sanders

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