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Conquering the College Process is the affordable college consulting system that provides a step-by-step framework that walks students through the college application process, how to pay for college, and how to succeed once they get there. The courses are jammed packed with high quality content and resources. Each step walks students through the process with weekly lessons, short assignments, quizzes, an interactive Facebook group and live Q&A sessions. 

Deanna Akin, founder of TPCC, has made it a priority to reduce the cost of the program while increasing value. The result – Affordable College Consulting! Competitors charge multiple times more for their “courses.” Check out below and see the value you will receive when you purchase the Conquering The College Process system.


Comprehensive College Prep Course |Step 1

Conquering The College Process

Comprehensive College Prep is the first step in the college and scholarship journey. This course will walk you step by step through the college research, discovery, application, and submittal process. This educational system gives you the tools and skills necessary to confidently work through the entire course and carry them with you into college and beyond.

Things you will learn about in this course include: 

  • Learn and develop skills necessary to succeed at the college application process
  • Master tools that will help you organize your time and improve your critical thinking skills
  • Planning productive summers to showcase your talents
  • Learn how standardized test will affect you
  • Researching all aspects of colleges
  • Learn how to find your best fit collegeCreate a resume suitable for college applications
  • Write competitive essays
  • Learn how to present extra-curricular activities
  • Step by step instruction on competitively completing college applications
  • A timeline that keeps you on track with the admission process
  • Examples, exercises, worksheets, and quizzes
  • Over 60 hours of materials, instruction, videos, interviews, and supporting materials
  • One full year of access
  • BONUS: Private Facebook community with weekly live Q&A sessions

Show Me The Money |Step 2

Conquering The College Process

Comprehensive College Prep and Show Me the Money work together to further explore the College Journey. Step One and Step Two are designed to be worked in succession. Although it may be purchased separately, we do discourage this due to the fact this course builds on what was learned in Step One. Step Two deals specifically with the financial aspect of applying to college.

It explains many aspects of student loans, federal aid, grants, and institutional specific financial aid/awards. The course further addresses the different types of scholarships and how to research, find, and apply to them. It also covers how and when to follow up on college applications and what steps you need to take once you are accepted. These two courses together will take you from “I don’t know where to start” to deciding which school is your perfect fit.

Things you will learn about in this course include:

  • Student Loans
  • How A Parents Income Affects the Process
  • Cost of Attendance
  • Navigating FAFSA
  • Navigating CSS
  • Researching Scholarships
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Updating College & Scholarship Applications
  • Understanding Financial Aid Award Letters
  • Comparing Offers
  • Choosing A College
  • Over 60 hours of materials, instruction, videos, interviews, and supporting materials
  • One full year of access
  • BONUS: Private Facebook community with weekly live Q&A sessions

How To Succeed At College |Step 3

Conquering The College Process


Getting into college and paying for it is only part of the equation, being successful once you get there is the other. Many people don’t consider this crucial final step. It won’t matter if you get into college, or even if you pay for it, if you’re home by Christmas! The transition to college is usually a huge adjustment for most students. Step Three of Conquering The College Process – How To Succeed At College is the final step in the college journey.

This part of the course is meant to complement the first two steps and help ensure a student’s success once they reach campus. Nearly 50% of students who start college never finish and over 30% drop out in the first year. How To Succeed At College endeavors to educate students about what needs to be done in the months leading up to their arrival, what to do once they arrive on campus, and how to be successful during their time there. Step 3 can be used as a standalone course.

Things you will learn about in this course include:

  • Navigating Your New Portal
  • Understanding Housing Contracts
  • Gap Years, Late Starts, Study Abroad
  • Planning for Success
  • Navigating Campus Resources
  • Finding and Choosing Freshman Classes
  • Understanding Degree Requirements
  • Locating and Taking Advantage of Opportunities
  • When and How to plan your travel home
  • Over 50 hours of materials, instruction, videos, interviews, and supporting materials
  • One full year of access
  • BONUS: Private Facebook community with weekly live Q&A sessions

Conquering The College Process

Steps 1,2,3

The best value is to get the entire system – all 3 courses. This is the most affordable college consulting program available anywhere, and the delivers the highest value to parents and students.

Includes all 3 Steps:

  • Comprehensive College Prep Course | Step 1
  • Show Me The Money | Step 2
  • How To Succeed At College | Step 3


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Additional Products

The Program College Consulting has additional products to help students with college forms and processes. 

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Our Value Proposition:

We understand that the value of this course far exceeds the cost. We also want people to understand this has been done intentionally. Our mission from the beginning of this project was to reach as many students as possible and present them with a product they could afford. Our basis for pricing was not exceed the cost of a new iPhone. For those who cannot afford a new iPhone we created our giving program.

Our mission is to give every student who wants to understand the college and scholarship process, and is willing to invest the time necessary to be successful, the tools and skills necessary to do so. We do not make any promises or guarantees as to the results any particular student will achieve. What we know is that this educational system makes the process understandable and attainable to anyone.

We Will Make It Right:

The team at TPCC is committed to your satisfaction. So if you experience any issues related to your purchase or products, please email and we will make it right!

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