Conquering The College Process
Conquering the college process

About The System

The Conquering the College Process system is a step-by-step framework that walks students through the college application process, the myriad financial aid and awards available, and how to succeed once they get to college. The Program is dedicated to leveling the playing field for all students by giving them the tools they need to be competitive – not only in the college process but in the future as well. Get it today!

Conquering The College PRocess


The course is divided into 3 steps which together included the following:

Research colleges and choose which schools are the best fit

Create a killer resume that can be used for colleges and scholarships

Understand the college application rubric, and how to make it work for you

Understand what is expected of you once you commit to a school

Write a competitive essay

Fill out the Common App and other college applications

Research and apply for scholarships

Have the knowledge to compare College offers

How to navigate College once you get there

Fill out FAFSA and CSS

Give a memorable interview

Make a college decision based on your goals and desires

Understand college acceptance and any financial “aid” award letters

Conquering the college process

How Conquering The College Process Works


Always evolving

The program always evolves and grows to meet the needs of our students, addressing their pain points and adapting to the ever changing world around us.

Exercises and Assignments

The exercises and assignments are organized in such a way that the students are completing the requirements for college and scholarship applications ahead of schedule. This gives them the opportunity to polish and fine tune what they want to present without being rushed.


The framework is time-tested and true. Courses are timeline-based in order to keep students on pace with the college application, financial aid, and commitment deadlines.



Each course is set up to deliver one lesson a week. We do this because it gives the student ample time to read and absorb the material. They then have time to work through the exercises and gather any resources they may need to complete assignments.

Online Community

Our online community allows students to ask questions and get different perspectives from other students both past and present.


Weekly Q & A’s

Weekly office hours are available for students to ask questions on assignments or material they might not understand. It is a time and place were they can get more in-depth explanations on a situation unique to them. This portion of the course also prepares them to effectively communicate with their professors and faculty once they get to college.


Conquering the college process

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The Conquering the College Process course is divided into 3 steps that take you from A to Z in the college process.

  • Step 1, Comprehensive College Prep, covers the first steps in the college and scholarship journey.
  • Step 2, Show Me The Money, is meant to be used after Step 1 and deals specifically with financial expertise needed to successfully apply for college.
  • Step 3, How to Succeed At College, addresses the fact that if you get into college and pay for it but are back home by Christmas none of this work matters. How to Succeed At College teaches students how to succeed once they reach college.


Bundle - Steps 1,2,3

Price – $1,199

Select the bundle option above to gain access to all 3 steps and join the program!

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Step 1 - Comprehensive College Prep

Price – $599

Step 2 - Show Me The Money

Price – $599

Step 3 - How To Succeed At College

Price – $499


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